Miss Teacher MomFor sale here!

Miss Teacher Mom all began with my daughter enthusiastically exclaiming how excited she was when she realized I’d be her teacher and her mom! This story is told from the perspective of a little girl who shares various things she loves about her mom also being her teacher. Along with thoughtful words and rhymes, Timerie made this story come to life with her incredible illustrations. This book provides a wonderful resource for homeschooled kids to see themselves represented in kids literature. 

My School House Rocks: For sale here.

My School House Rocks: First Edition is a super fun book written from a boy’s perspective all about how awesome his school is! From feeding the dog in a t-shirt and socks to hunting for bugs on his morning walk, kids will LOVE to hear and see all of the things they get to do while homeschooled. Timerie’s illustrations are fun and each page can provide inspiration for parents and kids looking for quick learning opportunities or conversation starters. I hope this book becomes a family favorite! 

We’re Learning EverywhereFor sale here!

We’re Learning Everywhere is a story about exactly that- learning everywhere! From the grocery store to grandma’s house, each page contains a different scene and a different family. This book would be a fun read for any child because isn’t that what we want- to raise our kids to be lifelong learners with eyes wide open as they nourish their minds through their experiences? Timerie’s incredible artwork is full of color and fun and we hope that each page provides opportunities to imagine all of the things you could learn!

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