My name is Katlynne. Ademi and I have been married for eight years. We have two precious kids here, one in heaven and one on the way through adoption. I’m a Spanish teacher by profession and a stay-at-home-mom by choice. I’m very passionate about serving the women in our local church and opening our home to others even though I don’t enjoy washing dishes and I wish I was a better cook. I’ve recently taken up gardening, not sure if I like it yet, and reading, which is a newfound joy!

Miss Teacher Mom began with my daughter enthusiastically exclaiming how excited she was when she realized I’d be her teacher and her mom! As a homeschool mom, I found it a bit difficult to explain the concept to her because children’s literature and television shows always portray education happening at traditional schools. I was thrilled by her excitement and with the encouragement of some friends I came up with a handful of fun children’s books about how awesome it is to be homeschooled. You can find more information about these projects in the “books” tab.

As one thing led to another, we’ve also decided to start a podcast called “Miss Teacher Mom” that we hope will encourage and equip moms to raise their sweet kiddos with eternity in mind. This podcast should be helpful to all moms, regardless of your school choice. For more info on that, check out the “podcast” tab. 

Let’s build something together.

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